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Titan moves to Bostik Roll as safer, more environmentally friendly adhesive

Titan moves to Bostik Roll as safer, more environmentally friendly adhesive
Flooring adhesives
Bostik Roll
Titan Interior Solutions

Following a series of on-site trials, Titan Interior Solutions has opted to use Bostik’s solvent-free adhesive tape, Bostik Roll, for the installation of capping strips, cove formers and skirting on all future projects with long-term client, Wates Group, in recognition of the product’s health, safety and environmental benefits.

An effective alternative to water and solvent-based adhesives, Bostik Roll is supplied as ready-to-use, dry adhesive rolls in widths of 25mm, 50mm or 85mm. Its low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions have seen it earn A+ and EC1 Plus ratings from LEED, as well as BS EN 13999:2007 from BREEAM, resulting in improved health and safety for flooring installers and a reduced impact on the environment.

The decision to use Bostik Roll follows the successful completion of a series of trials that saw Titan – part of the Horbury Group of integrated construction companies – work closely with Wates Group, as David Loforte, Regional Director at Titan Interior Solutions, explains:

“We take the health and safety and environmental aspects of our trade extremely seriously, and work tirelessly with our suppliers and clients to find new ways to improve both,” says David.

“As the Horbury Group of companies is larger than 50 percent of our clients, we feel this is our responsibility – so when a product comes onto the market which could possibly achieve both, we sit up and take notice.

“Bostik Roll is such a product. The trials we ran with it exceeded our expectations, and we are convinced that it both reduces our environmental impact and offers immense health and safety benefits for the flooring industry.”

Long-life bond

With an immediate, extra-strong grip and long-life bond, Bostik Roll also offers excellent resistance to plasticiser migration, making it particularly suited for use with PVC products.

As the adhesive is dry, there’s no curing time required, which speeds up the installation and ensures the area remains free from any overspill.

“The quality of Bostik Roll is excellent,” comments David. “Installers love it because it speeds up the job and it shows them that we are taking their health and safety seriously.

“Sometimes it’s hard to step outside of the ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ mindset, but as companies, we are responsible for the health and safety of everyone who works for us, as well as for our impact on the environment.

“That’s why we hope and believe that Bostik Roll will become the norm for the industry. This is a game-changer for professional flooring. To any companies reading this who are yet to use Bostik Roll, I strongly urge you to try it.”


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