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Our comprehensive range of surface membranes, primers, smoothing compounds and flooring adhesives is designed to perform consistently across a wide range of applications – so you’ll be covered no matter what the job demands. All backed up by first-class technical support.

Flooring adhesives

Our range of flooring adhesives includes multi-functional floor adhesives for a wide variety of soft floor coverings, as well as carpet adhesives and wood floor adhesives. So whether you’re installing carpet and textiles, PVC sheets or tiles, LVT, linoleum, rubber, wood and more, we’ve got a high-quality solution for every requirement.

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Smoothing compounds

The complete range of smoothing compounds, whatever your requirement – whether speed, flow, strength, smoothness, depth or a combination of all these.

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Fast-drying primers with excellent coverage rates. Compatible with all common substrates and suitable for use prior to the application of any of our smoothing compounds.

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Surface membranes

High performance damp-proof membranes for suppressing residual construction moisture in cementitious subfloors. Powerful and fast-acting for minimal downtime on site.

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