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INTRODUCING STIX A740 MULTI BEST – our multi-purpose adhesive for resilient flooring

INTRODUCING STIX A740 MULTI BEST – our multi-purpose adhesive for resilient flooring

Need an easy-to-use adhesive that works across a wide range of resilient floor coverings? Look no further than our brand-new acrylic STIX A740 MULTI BEST adhesive.

The resin-modified STIX A740 MULTI BEST is specially designed for multi-functional use, working with homogenous and heterogeneous PVC sheet and tiles, LVT, linoleum, rubber flooring, thermal acoustic underlays and most textile floor coverings.

Not only is STIX A740 MULTI BEST versatile, it’s also highly effective and convenient to use. Due to its unique formulation, it offers extremely strong wet bonding while also providing a long open time of around an hour, so it’s not a race against the clock to lay the flooring.

The adhesive, which features pressure sensitive characteristics, can also be used to double drop or contact bond when applying onto a dense surface or for coving requirements.

As well as this, it has very low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, achieving EC1 on the Emicode classification system, meaning it is safer for installers and less impactful on building occupants during the installation.


Bostik STIX A740 MULTI FLOOR product characteristics:

Waiting time: wet adhesion 10-15 minutes; standard adhesion 45-60 minutes

Open time: 60 minutes

Foot traffic: 24 hours

Coverage: 0.28kg/m² – 0.3kg/m²


To find out more, click here, or contact your local Area Sales Manager.


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